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Nissan Rebuilt Automatics 1995-2004

Model Year Engine Trans Remarks Price
ALTIMA 93-03 L4 2.4L2.5L V6 3.5L RE4F04A   $1561.60
FRONTIER 98-03 L4 2.4L RL4R01A   $1353.60
FRONTIER 99-03 V6 3.3L RE4R01A   $1897.60
MAXIMA 92-03 V6 3.0L/3.5L RE4F04A DOHC ENGINE $1561.60
PICKUP/PATHFINDER 88-98 V6 3.0/3.3L RE4R01A   $1897.60
PICKUP/PATHFIINDER 90-97 V6 3.0/3.3L RE4R01A   $1897.60
PATHFINDER 98-03 V6 3.3L/3.5L RE4R01A   $1897.60
QUEST 93-02 V6 3.0/3.3L RE4F04A   $1561.60
SENTRA 95-99 L4 1.6L RL4F03A   $1353.60
SENTRA 95-99 L4 2.0L RE4F03A   $1353.60
SENTRA/SE-R 00-03 L4 1.8L2.0L2.5L RE4F03A   $1353.60
XTERRA 00-03 V6 3.3L RE4R01A   $1897.60

All prices are with a rebuildable trade-in and come with a rebuilt converter and a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Shipping is $189.95 to a business address or hub pickup and includes prepaid core return shipping. Most units have an optional 36 month 36,000 mile warranty available for $199.95.

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